My new path

Here, in the meadow of my soul,
my life takes on a different hue.
It is one that knows no bounds, no limits.
It is an endless universe rich and teeming with the boundless graces of the Almighty.

I find respite here.
Where all is peace.
Where I am peace.

Calm assurances are my companion.
In the boundless energy I find within,
I let go of seeming limitations because there are none.

I am the universe because the universe is within me.

I rejoice now, for it is here that I find all that I need.
I now know where to go when I feel lack,
and I now know where to go when I feel fear.

Joy resides here, and abundance too.
Not outside, but within.
Now the journey is from within to the outside.

This is my new path.
What lies in the core of my being
needs to be brought out into the material world.
And I have everything I need for this journey, including TIME.

Time is my friend.
Joy is my nature.
Abundance is my companion.
Love is my guidance.
God is my Source.
Here, in what I first thought was an abyss,
I now know is not a pit.
My mind thinks it so,
because it is located so deep within.
It is actually the core of my being,
where I have found my new path.

And so I forge ahead-guided from the core.
Living from the core.
Emanating from the core.
From the core to the outside world.
This is my new path.


Feedback appreciated!

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