Sunday Whirl 60; Brother Willow’s Light

In the darkness that was night,
I saw a tiny shadow move out of the light
I saw it crawl up on a stone
And then it was gone.

Night buffs like me
Stalk the darkness to see
What happens during the time
When the sun stops to shine.

Sometimes an uncanny shape
Stains the dark landscape
Once, a willow tree
Trembled, struggling to be free.

It no longer wanted to be a like a nail
Standing all day long, without fail.
I talked to brother willow in the dark,
As the mud, on my feet, made its mark.

“We are all vessels of light,” I told my brother
“We are here to help shine light upon the path of another.
I come when its dark because that is when
I can allow what is inside to come out in the open.”

Brother tree’s leaves touched my skin
It felt like a brush, gently soothing what was within.
“You, dear brother willow,” I said
“Never fail to comfort me when I’m sad.

Even in the dark your light shines around you
Like the sun’s corona, and it’s such a good view
That lightens my heart, lights my path,
And helps me release the weight of wrath.

“>Words from Sunday Whirl

crawl, stain, buffs, shadow, corona, trembled, nail, vessels, willow,    stone, brush, mud   

Photo courtesy of morguefile; by: Faithelizabeth


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