Today I say goodbye
to several good things
that belong to the past.
Good, happy days with friends
before we all went our separate paths.

I say goodbye to a 33-year old company
that had been good to me and my family.
To all the wonderful, memorable times
shared with all who worked there.

To all the happy times,
the beautiful places we visited,
the colorful memories we created
before our needs changed,
making us leave, one by one.
And now, that company shall go to sleep,
after being the source of blessings for so many.

Today, I feel the joy of those moments
shared with so many people,
And acknowledge the sadness
in the realization that it shall never be again,
That good ole Fr. Lenny has left this world
And his laughter would no longer
add merriment to our days.

Today is a day of endings,
of goodbyes and farewells.
I savor the happy memories once more,
even as I feel the pain that endings bring.

Today, life ceases to be what it was,
and begins to be what it must.
That is the beauty of endings –
despite the pain, it opens us up
to the possibility of new beginnings.


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