Death of a loved one presses hard on the heart and silences the mind with all the questions that have no answer.



After the flurry of activities, life deliberately provides us with opportunities to slow down and rest. If we have learned to move our focus away from the call of the material world, we are able to enjoy this time or retreat. Life ceases to be a race and begins to take on the pace of a sweet, slow dance.

The River

I do not differentiate very much between thoughts and words. Quite frankly, I do not attach great importance to thoughts either. I attach more importance to things. For example, there was a man at this ferry who was my predecessor and teacher. He was a holy man who for many years believed only in the river and nothing else. He noticed that the river’s voice spoke to him. He learned from it; it educated and taught him. The river seemed like a god to him and for many years he did not know that every wind, every cloud, every bird, every beetle is equally divine and knows and can teach just as well as the esteemed river. But when this holy man went off into the woods, he knew everything; he knew more than you and I, without teachers, without books, just because he believed in the river.
– Herman Hesse, from Siddhartha


When sad things happen in life, it is the time when we need to allow, to flow and let go. Then there is no struggle and as we tread the rocky path in the dark, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.