The Calm After the Storm

We are shaken to the core by events that may not even hurt us. But we see other people suffer and we feel our innermost truths shaken and challenged. If we allow the questions to come, the fear to be felt, the doubts to surface, in time all that perturbs will simply flow…away…and we will have clarity that we never once experienced.


Inner Life

In the midst of seeming inactivity, Love stirs that which the eyes cannot see. Be still and you will see the flourishing of life within. It is not only an amazing sight – it is truly breathtaking. You do not feel it because you still see with your eyes. Look within, with your heart.

Ask the questions

“Questions can do more than just point in the direction of an insight our psyche wants us to discover.  They can serve as spiritual teachings in themselves.”

                                                                                    – Peter Levitt in “Fingerpainting on the MOON,  Writing and creativity as a path to freedom

Now I ask some questions:

Does the wind ever tire?

Is the rain ever thirsty?